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Re: New bullshit thread

Postby HerNameIsSway » Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:56 pm

Chrissssss! Hi!

I don't have much to add on my lack of appearance here either. In between jobs right now trying to make do with what I got at home. I have four 4ages (bluetops and one redtop) I'm trying to figure out how to piece together to make three running setups that may even get Sway back on the road sooner than planned. The white coupe is still being a PITA to the point that one of the rebuilt 4ages (rebuilt meaning regasket everything with tested heads and only replace the bad components where needed) will be swapped in and that engine would need a once-over with rear main seal, valve seals,oil pan gasket, and thermostat housing leak resolved. That will most likely be swapped over into Sway.

Why so many engines? I'm looking to revive (Engine #1) Saika's original 199k motor that blew May 2013 when installed in Riley. My girlfriend bought a coupe shell drift project we are currently in the process of converting to a GT-S with a (Engine #2) 121k mile 4age we found on CL for the cheap.

Engine #3 is a possible redtop recovery if isn't too far gone which will go in white coupe and take out #4 to refresh and go in Sway.

Yes, too many projects. Makes it harder when you all of a sudden have no budget. Eh well. Mostly a waiting game for me.
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Re: New bullshit thread

Postby Jazpin » Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:19 pm

Yeah man, you got it. Gas mileage has to blow donkey dicks though. At least the 5.9L in my truck does LOL!
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