Hey all!

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Hey all!

Postby Brz~wee » Sat Apr 06, 2013 6:30 pm

Flat black vw wrote:
Brz~wee wrote:drift car purchase fail! I never did get to scooping up that e30 my friend found, but he did get his hands on an old e86. My schedule work wouldn't allow me to make it out to track days anyways so I am all butt hurt about it. I did some retail therapy and spent my drift money on my new car so not all hope is lost. I do want to thank Yoshi for all the help and for the others that were hella nice. If I do get to make it down for events I will as a spectator of corse. I may be in VA this or next sun/mon. Someone around there is interested in similar ft86 mods I have so I want to try to meet up with him to check out mine. If anyone else wants to meet up let me know. He said he'd be around the Chantilly or Tysons corner area.

Cool so I may get to hear the UEL header then??!

In case you didn't notice i'm the one who wanted to hear the header on ft86club

Pm me your cell. My moms back in Alexandria for a few weeks so I can try to hook up with ya if/when I can get down there!
I'm putting in my short shifter tomorrow and may feel the need to break it in

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