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1. How do I move up a Tier?
Stop sucking so much.

2. How do I fill in my Bio, add pictures, add videos, or change my avatar?
All of the aforementioned items are linked with your Slideways forum user name. Log into the forum and go to the following page. Fill in the appropriate information and enjoy!

3. I crashed but I don't see it on my Achievements page. Why not?
Some achievements are given by DN adminsitrators. If you believe you deserve one, email to inquire about it.

4. What do my scores mean?
"Score" is simply the averaged score of every event of the event year.
"High Score" is your highest score you have ever scored.
"Total Points" is the cumulation of the points you have scored in your DN career.
"Events Attended" is the total number of DN events you have attended.

5. What does my team's score mean?
"Score" is the average of your team's top 5 members.
The rest of the scores are the same as #4 but through your whole team.

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