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Beginner's guide at WC (advanced member's challenge)

    I've been teaching/helping guys learn to drift for years now and have always wanted a great way to show people the basics of drifting. Unfortunately, most people want to learn to run before they can walk. So this is my challenge to everyone who claims they can run. Do this exercise. If you can do it, sweet! If not, you have failed to master basic drifting :) You best believe I'll be doing this my first time back in Dexter.

    To the newbies:
    Do this! I sat in the car with Steve (Slap) and was noted by someone other than me that he got noticeably better after he did these little exercises. Don't just willy nilly it. Learn!

    Background on the exercise:
    You will learn to do basic switch backs, up shifting mid drift, ascending and descending radius drifts, line work, throttle control, and just all around "how to drift".

    Step 1
    You are starting out at the smallest two dimples on Washington Circuit. Your goal is to do a simple figure 8 around these dost. In your average 240 and rolla you will need to be in first gear. In my E30 I did this in second but thats my gearing. I know this exercise seems very VERY trivial but the goal here is to keep the figure 8 tight and learn a low speed switch back. If youre in a gear thats too high, your line will be oblong and eventually start pushing you off your tight line. Once you can do about 2 figure 8s in a row, move to step 2.

    Step 2
    Step 2 is a bit harder. You are going from the smallest circle to the second smallest. This will usually require an upshift into second mid drift. You want to gain speed out from the smallest circle and shift into second after the switch back or gently during. Too much upset will spin the car easily. When coming back to the small circle, it is possible to stay into second but it (again) will make your line more oblong. This is ok if you can still make your line to complete the figure 8. Complete this at least once, then move on to step 3.

    Step 3
    Now you are going full on second gear from the second smallest to the mid size circle. Only difference here is speed and that you want to stay into second. This one should be easier than step 2 but the speed is what you want to build up to. See how tight and quick you can make the figure 8. If your line is too far out, you will loose speed and are more likely to straighten out. So your goal is to go as fast as possible and keep the line as tight as possible. Ride the bumper if necessary/possible. Do this a few times and move on to step 4

    Step 4
    Step 4 is simple. Do each of the steps in order then reverse order without straightening out or spinning. It looks deceptively simple but it isn't. Go for it! Do it!